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Hotmail and SkyDrive Onward To Wave 5; Hotmail Enjoys 360M, SkyDrive 500M Active Users

In a recent interview, Dharmesh Mehta, director of Windows and Windows Live Division, talked a bit about the evolution of Hotmail and SkyDrive in 2011 as well as in 2012.

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What is new, cool and useful in Windows Live in 2011?
“….Hotmail has already had eight meaningful releases. These are big partner integrations, big speed improvements and big sets of new calendar integrations; meaningful features that we think lots of people are going to use and we’ve really changed the release approach….,” Mehta said.

According to Mehta, “On SkyDrive there’s been a big improvement in (what I call) making that a more modern app – betting on HTML 5, improving performance, changing the layout, making pictures just beautiful, instant on and things like that, that change that from an app that used to be relatively functional to a thing that’s a lot more powerful and exciting….”

What and why should we be excited with Windows Live in 2012?
“….In Hotmail, we get this product to be just amazing where it does everything basic and is a requirement, but what about all these things that just delights me….”

“In SkyDrive it’s less about a direct competitor and we talk about how we define that cloud, that anywhere access – anytime – from any device, and just delivering that in a way that’s better and ahead of pretty much anyone else….”

What are the usage numbers for Windows Live in 2011? Which regions do you think are the hottest or will be the hottest?
Mehta said, “….The big numbers we often talk about: Hotmail, 360 million active users (someone who signs in at least once a month and does something)….as opposed to registered accounts. Messenger is about 300 million. SkyDrive is a bit smaller and across all of them, if we duplicated there’s about 500 million….” (emphasis added)

You can listen the full interview using the embed below:

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