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Guide To Migrate From Windows To Linux

Linux has long been held in mystique as an operating system for hard-core techies or hackers. Yet, this is far from true for today’s distros. A modern version of Linux is as easy to setup and use as the Macintosh is legendary for. Here’s reasons why people stick to Windows and how those factors can be solved in what we like to call a ‘gentle’ approach to Linux.

What is an operating system anyway? It is, at heart, the piece of software that allows you to use your computer. It makes your hardware work in such a way that you can run software, see video and hear audio and take control with the keyboard and mouse. An operating system is not, in itself, productivity software or games or internet applications but the means by which you can use such programs on your computer.

In this regard, the operating system you use should be dictated by the hardware you want to use and the availability of the software you wish to run. A case in point: whether true or not, it’s generally accepted that the Macintosh has a rich suite of graphical and publishing tools. As a result, many graphic artists and publishers opt to purchase Macintosh hardware, with MacOS, so that they can run these software packages which meet their needs.

Yet, for the bulk of small business and home users the choice of operating system is rarely considered. Microsoft Windows has a massive market share so for many people they have prior familiarity with it and little else. Most all Intel/AMD style personal computers come with Windows pre-installed. And it’d be a rare laptop which doesn’t have Windows bundled. Despite this, there’s no reason to assume that Windows is the right choice for every person, or that every individual would choose to purchase it if the cost of this operating system were explicitly listed and not just factored into the total.

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