JFTC "Yahoo consulted before announcement-Yahoo-Google deal acceptable"

Google-Yahoo! Japan search deal: JFTC "Yahoo consulted before announcement….Yahoo-Google deal acceptable"

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Following the announcement, by Yahoo! Japan to utilize Google's search engine technology and advertising and distribution platform while retaining its current appearance. Microsoft VP and DGC Dave Heiner said the deal would create a search monopoly for Google, and doubted about Google's reports of "receiving prior approval from JFTC for the deal..."

Today, Secretary General of the Japanese Fair Trade Commission Takahide Matsuyama said "Yahoo had consulted the Commission before making the announcement, and the deal "would not immediately cause any problems related to antitrust regulations," because the two businesses would remain separate.

However, Matsuyama continued, "Changing market conditions and the changing competitive atmosphere could, of course, change the decision"."

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