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Google Webmaster Tools Gadgets for iGoogle

The Google Webmaster Central blog has announced the release of Webmaster Tools Gadgets for iGoogle. The iGoogle Gadgets lets you access the diagnostics and stats for your sites from within your iGoogle homepage. Rather than log into your Webmaster Tools account. You can choose what components to display on your iGoogle page.

Available Webmaster Tools Components for iGoogle:

  • Crawl errors: the number of each type of crawl error Google found on the site (with links to the individual URLs with errors). Google has been sharing diagnostic information such as this since August 2005.
  • Top search queries: the top searches that bring visitors to the site from Google. Google has been providing this information since November 2005.
  • What Googlebot sees: the words used most often in the site. Google began providing this information in February 2006.
  • External links: list of pages on your site with external links to them, along with the number of links to each page. You can click through to see the list of external URLs. Google first made link information available in webmaster tools last February.
  • Internal links: alphabetical list of links from the site to other pages within the site. Google first made this information available at the same time it launched external linking data.
  • Subscriber stats: the number of subscribers to each feed on your site via Google Reader and iGoogle. When Google launched this feature in September, we covered why these numbers may not match those reported by Feedburner.
  • Sitelinks: the list of links and titles that Google has generated for the site. Google began providing this information in October.
  • Content problems: any issues with missing, duplicate, or short titles or meta descriptions. Google began supplying this information as part of webmaster tools in December.

Here’s the simple process to start using these Gadgets right away. (Note: this assumes you’ve already got a Webmaster Tools account and have verified at least one site.)

  1. Visit Webmaster Tools, login to your Google Webmaster Tools account, and select any site that you’ve validated from the dashboard.
    Gadgets” src=”http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2367/2278979776_7e49bbf397_t.jpg” border=0>
  2. Click on the Tools section.
  3. Click on Gadgets sub-section.
  4. Click on the big “Add an iGoogle Webmaster Tools homepage” button.
  5. Click the “Add to Google” button on the following confirm page to add the new tab to iGoogle.
  6. Google Gadget: Webmaster Tools

  7. Choose the components you want to add. 
  8. Now you’re in iGoogle, where you should see your new Google Webmaster Tools tab with a number of Gadgets.

You’ll notice that each Gadget has a drop down menu at the top which lets you select from all the sites you have validated to see that Gadget’s information for the particular site you select. A few of the Gadgets that we’re currently offering are:

Crawl errors – Does Googlebot encounter issues when crawling your site?

Top search queries – What are people searching for to find your site?

External links – What websites are linking to yours?

Source:→ SEL

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