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Google Wallet now makes it easy and secure for you making purchases on mobile phones -- starting today on the sites that accept Wallet "users don't need to enter their credit or debit card number, billing address or other payment information -- as it's already securely stored in your Google Wallet," informs Google."Simply click the […]

Enhanced sitelinks was announced on desktop search ads back in February this year, and is now rolling out in all countries where AdWords is available. In a blog post, annoucing the release Google notes, "Over the last several months, we've continued to improve the ad systems for creating enhanced site links.""Early testing showed that enhanced […]

A new, "cloud-based" version of the Google Wallet app is now avilable and supports all credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Now, "you can use any card when you shop in-store or online with Google Wallet," Google stated. Ading, "With the new version, you can also remotely disable your mobile […]

Google Maps Street View added 360-degree panoramic imagery for five of California's national parks--including Yosemite--to let people around the world explore the beauty and timelessness of the wilderness.In addition, Google also refreshed Street View imagery across most of the state. You can now take a virtual road trip practically the entire stretch of California from […]

Google renamed another prodcut, the In-App Payments API is now called as Google Wallet for digital goods. And also announced the following two updates:New PricingWorking on the developers feedback that 5% transaction fees are great for microtransactions but not as attractive for larger transactions with higher order value. Google is now introducing 1.9% + $0.30 […]

At the I/O 2012, Google's Wallet team demonstrated a developer-facing feature dubbed "Save to Wallet APIs," that allow visitors to bank and merchant websites to save payment cards and offers to Google Wallet.Those new, "Google Wallet aspires to hold all the things you put in your physical wallet: credit and debit cards, coupons, loyalty cards, […]