Google Voice Update on Android, iOS and Web Arrives, Cleaner, More Intuitive Design, Messaging

Google Voice brings a fresh set of features with updates to apps on Android, iOS and the web offer a "cleaner, more intuitive" layout.

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Google Voice that came with a goal of "one number for life" to have people just a single phone number tied to them, is in use by millions who are using it to call, text and get voicemail on all their devices rather than just one device or location number.

Today, the Google Voice app on Android, iOS and also the on the web received some five significant updates introducing a fresh set of features such as:

As expected, the first noticeable change brings a cleaner, more intuitive design that keeps everything organized including: "the inbox now has separate tabs for text messages, calls and voicemails, conversations in single continuous thread making it easier to reference messages from each contacts in one place."

Google Voice Apps on Android, iOS, Web Refreshes

Also, the new messaging experience now supporting "group" and "photo MMS" as well as "in-notification replies." The team notes that with voicemail transcription for Spanish, accuracy improvements will be made over time.

Finally, those who are using Hangouts for Google Voice communication, need not to change to the new apps, but should you want, you can try them, as going forward more new updates and features would come to the Voice apps, Google said.

For more information about the updated Google Voice apps, visit this Help Center.

Google Voice Apps New Messaging System

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