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Google TV update makes finding faster and easier and will be rolling out this week to LG devices and to other devices thereafter.Voice Search: Simply speak to watch anything TV shows and movies, start playing a YouTube video, open applications, go to websites, do a Google search, and much more. For example say "Homeland" to […]

Google Play experience including movies, TV shows, and music begin rolling out to Google TV and will "let you buy or rent content directly through the Google Play Store on Google TV, and purchases you've made on other devices will also be automatically available on Google TV," informs Google.Google Play titles will also be discoverable […]

Google for mobile developers now announced -- a "developer preview of Google+ platform for mobile," that includes mobile web optimized social plugins and Google+ SDK for iOS and Android (coming soon). "With these new SDKs, you can integrate Google+ identity, sharing, and history into your mobile apps to create more engaging social experiences and connect […]

A new YouTube Video Editor feature cures the video quality for you. Now, when you upload a video that's shaky or dark, YouTube will automatically fix it for you, creating an updated version of your video on YouTube."When you upload a video that could use a fixup, you'll see a notification bar on the Upload […]