Google Trusted Store Badge Helps Find Certified Advertisers by Google in Affiliate Network

Google Trusted Store badge, is a helpful tool you can use when considering advertiser affiliate programs to join. Look for the Google Trusted Store logo when browsing the Advertisers tab in Affiliate Network to find advertisers validated and certified by Google as providing a great shopping experience for consumers. Video 'AdWords Breaking Down Ad Rank.'

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Finding Google Trusted Store validated and certified advertisers in Google Affiliate Network become much easier with the new "badges" that will help publishers identify advertisers who've earned the "Google Trusted Store badge."

Google Affiliate Network now "display a badge next to Google Trusted Store merchants in the U.S. that are also Google Affiliate Network advertisers."

Google Trusted Stores program helps shoppers buy online with confidence. "The Google Trusted Store badge is only awarded to stores with a proven track record of reliable, on-time shipping and excellent customer service," informs Google. "So when shoppers see the Google Trusted Store badge on e-commerce websites, they know they're buying from a store that provides a consistently excellent shopping experience and that Google stands behind them providing up to $1,000 of purchase protection in the rare event of a problem," the company added.

Advertisers benefit with higher average order sizes and improved conversion rates after becoming a Google Trusted Store. "If you earn the badge, it will automatically appear within your Product Listing Ads on and Google Shopping, as well as within the Google Affiliate Network interface," google adds.

In other advertising releated news, the Google posted the second video of "Under the AdWords Hood" Hangout on Air--where AdWords experts discussed the basics of ad rank, like "how bidding and quality score factor into determining the positioning of your ads."

AdWords Specialists Philip Stern, shared his best practices for bidding to achieve optimal ranking, and Sarah Claxton Deming Sarah discussed how quality score is calculated.

Watch the full video below: