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Google The Movie Download The Trailer Now!

Google is surely a company known by an important part of the Internet users because is provides access to the most powerful search engine ever created. Google’s search technology is continuously attracting users because it contains an impressive database with web links from the entire world, displaying information from a huge number of categories. Because the main search technology is very
powerful and popular, Google tried to expand it into multiple other services meant to allow users to search for certain information. That’s why you’re now able to search the Internet for videos, books, jobs, news, blog posts and many other websites on the Internet.

As you surely know, Google is a company that tries to revolutionize our computer activities by releasing numerous services to improve our online experience. The best example is probably Google Docs & Spreadsheets, a solution that is regarded as the perfect replacement for the well known Microsoft Office suite, being accessible from multiple locations using a simple web interface. The product is available for free with a single Google account and allows you to create, edit, publish and store documents directly on the servers of the company.

It seems like the company tends to become more than a simple Internet company because Jim Killeen, a native of Detroit who also attended college as a theatre major at Wayne State University in Detroit, decided to make a movie to share his story concerning Google search. Under the title “Google Me The Movie

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