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Google Books Ngram Viewer, is now been used about 50 times every minute to explore how phrases have been used in books spanning the centuries, Google revealed, adding, "over 45 million graphs created, each one a glimpse into the history of the written word."Also, "Google Books has now reached a milestone, having scanned 20 million […]

Windows Phone marketplace today received two highly popular and much-anticipated apps for Windows Phone 7.The first app, Evernote, is a note-taking application very similar to OneNote in the Microsoft Office suite, and lets you capture and save notes, photos, clippings, and other inspirations while you’re on-the-go, and can then seamlessly share them with your social […]

It seems, Google has revamped its mobile search and News on iOS devices. The new interface refresh comes with additional options, making it easier to get to Google apps, such as YouTube, Gmail and others, much more accessible."The new icons are visible upon running a search query on an iOS device. They essentially function the […]