Google Shopping Expands in 10 Countries, International Feed Spec Updates

Google Shopping Expands in 10 Countries, International Feed Spec Updates; AdSense 300x600 Ad Format Policy Update; DoubleClick Search Dec 6 Release & Fundamentals Certification Announced

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Google Shopping built on Product Listing Ads was rolled out last month "internationally," and will now be avaialbe in "ten more countries" starting in February 2013.

Google Shopping in ten more countries, update international feed sync; offer promotional credits to merchants

The new model will be rolled out completely by the end of Q2 2013.

To make this transition, Google is offering "promotional credit" to merchants in "Australia, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, U.K., Germany and Switzerland," who can apply and create a Product Listing Ad campaign promoting all of their products in Merchant Center by 12 April 2013 to qualify for this credit.

They could also qualify for a monthly credit for 10% of their total Product Listing Ad spend.

Learn more about the promotional credit on this page.

Google has also updated "international feed" specifications to improve the data quality on Google Shopping w.e.f. March 2013.

"These changes will align our global product feeds more closely and enable us to surface better results to users. Advertisers who are using the reduced Product Ads feed spec will need to bring their feeds into compliance with these new requirements" google wrote.

In addition, Google says it will also be releasing a new set of Google Shopping program policies by January next year.

For more information on the upcoming changes, visit this Help Center.

An upcoming policy update around the use of the new 300x600 AdSense ad unit, aimed to help ensure a balance between content and ads across publisher sites announced today.

AdSense 300x600 Ad unit policy update

"Going forward, publishers will be permitted to place a maximum of one 300x600 ad unit on each page. If you've placed more than one 300x600 ad unit per page on your site, we ask that you remove any additional ad units by Jan 10, 2013," google wrote. Adding, "We'll also be sending email notifications shortly to affected publishers, asking them to make this update," google said.

Google notes that the limit for AdSense for content ad units still remains at three per page, "so it'll be possible to place one 300x600 ad unit and up to two other sizes on a page."

For more information about AdSense policies, visit this Help Center.

Google will soon be sunsetting v1.0 and v1.1 of the AdSense Management API, so developers are advised to migrate to v1.2 as soon as possible.

To get you started, follow this simple guide that will allow you to continue using the API as you were and should require no further modifications to your code.

"If you don't use the client libraries you need to replace the version on the base URL that you are using: nbsp; with"

DoubleClick Search Fundamentals Certification

Google just announced a new DoubleClick Search Fundamentals Certification, a new self-paced, interactive, online course allowing new user to ramp up on DS basics quickly.

"The training modules use interactive graphics, videos, and guided tutorials to teach campaign management, reporting, and the Performance Bidding Suite for bid optimization. After completing the course, trainees take a quiz, and if they pass, will receive a certificate of achievement showcasing their proficiency with DS," google stated.

Google says, DS Fundamentals online training certification is currently offered in English and will be available in multiple languages soon.

You can register here (sign-in required), then click the link, locate "DS Fundamentals" course at the top of the Search Results.

Also, latest DoubleClick Search (DS) release available includes the full launch of a couple of upload features such as: "upload preview and uploading with names instead of IDs."

"The upload templates have been updated to reflect the upload with names feature, as well as the fact that you can now use Keyword match type and Keyword Max CPC columns for Bing uploads," google said.

Here is what's new:

  • Formula columns feature allows you to create your own customized columns based on calculations that you apply to existing columns.
  • Web queries make it easy for agencies and advertisers to create common report templates in Microsoft Excel and populate those with the latest DS data, removing the need to manually download and import reports.
  • Inventory management adds new Custom functions and UI creation of rules.
  • Edit bid strategy settings quickly (coming soon) will let you view and modify configuration settings more quickly and easily. "Some settings will appear in a summary bar at the top of the page, along with a Bid strategy settings button. Click on one of the settings to change it, or click the Bid strategy settings button to access all settings," the DS team added.

Read the Help Center release notes for more information on all these features.

Update 12/13: DoubleClick Third Party Partner Directory is now available on the DoubleClick site.

"This directory lists all the DoubleClick approved platform partners who have developed innovative solutions and services for DFP. Publishers can pick and choose from over one hundred preferred partners to extend the functionality of their advertising platforms," google informs.

Check the DoubleClick Third Party Partner Directory here.