Google Rolls Out First of 2013 Panda Update Refresh; Tests Gray Top Nav Bar

Google rolls out new Panda data refresh -- first of 2013, affecting 1.2% of English queries. Google replacing black/white top navigation bar with new light gray/black colored.

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Panda Refresh January 2013 UpdateMore Panda Refresh--Google today rolls out the first Panda refresh of 2013-that affect 1.2 percent of English language queries, according to a official Google tweet annoucing the update.

The last confirmed Panda update versioned 23 impacted 1.3% of English queries on December 21, 2012.

Also, Google is testing a new color for the top navigation bar--the new "gray" now replaces the current "black background" color on the top bar. Google is currently re-doing its products to be in-line with Google+ that involves gray/white colors.

The test replaces black/white with kight gray/black color. Below is a screenshot shared over Google+ by a former Google search quality analyst, Pedro Dias.

Google tests light gray with black color top navigation abr

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