Google Reintroduces Webmaster Help Video Series As 'SEO Snippets'

A new video series called SEO Snippets to help with short & to the point answers to specific SEO questions.

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Google has just announced of bringing back its webmaster help videos series which is now called as "SEO snippets." The help videos are among Googles' broad range of help resources centred around helping web site owners to improve performance of their sites.

Google has also recently released Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide. Other, Google resources, such as Webmaster forum, Webmaster Central Blog, and Help Center are also part of this broad range.

This new, a series of short videos will be focused to provide help around the short to-the-point answers to specific SEO releated questions. Google says, it' be answering some of the webmaster and SEO questions that it regularly see on the Webmaster Central Help Forum.

For example, some questions, like about 404 errors, how and when crawling works, a site's URL structure, to duplicate content will be answered.

Watch the introductry video embedded above. And, also check out some of the questions that Google has already answered in the video embedded below:

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