Google Overhaul Search for Events On Mobile App & Web, Adds New Mobile Image Search Filters

Google Searches for events will now surface a list of activities that include location and date details on mobile app and web. Adds new image search filters on mobile.

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Google begin to help you plan an event with its mobile app and mobile on web—starting on Wednesday, now when you search for events in the U.S., "a summary of activities from Eventbrite, Meetup and other sites across the web will surface."

Additionally, it's also possible to look up events over different time periods, by applying filters like "today", "tomorrow", "next week." Even more, just type "events near me" to see what's happening around the corner.

To try it, after typing in a query, for example "jazz concerts in Austin," or "art events this weekend," a single tap will show you at-a-glance details like event title, date and time, and location. And, with a tap on "more events," you can see additional options. Once you find, just tap it to find more details or buy tickets directly from the website.

Event Search on Google App and Mobile web
Google Event Search

Google also provided a developer guidelines: Google Search Events guide, for event creators, so they can make sure their listings shows up within the new search feature.

The features is rolled out today in the US.

Google Event search filters
Google Event search filters

Google also adds new image search filters option right under the search box on mobile for latest images, GIFs, image color, clip art, and copyright.

These filter will help you narrow down your search and by just clicking on the filter will give present you filtered results on image search on mobile.

You can even drag the bar to the left to show more color filtering options. At the end of the filter options is an option for filtering for "labeled for reuse."

Here's an example of clip art image search filter:

Clip art image search filter on Google mobile

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