Google Now Support Organization Markup for Logos

Google adds markup for organization logos support in Google search results page (SERPs).

In other developers news today, Google Webmaster Tools now launched support for the " markup for organization logos," to help developers "specify which image should Google use as your logo in search results."

"Using Organization markup, you can indicate to our algorithms the location of your preferred logo. Markup like this is a strong signal to our algorithms to show this image in preference over others, for example when we show Knowledge Graph on the right hand side based on users' queries," explains Google.

To enable this markup, you can use the following code in your HTML, that indicates to Google that "this image is designated as the organization's logo image for the homepage also included in the markup, and, where possible, may be used in Google search results," Google adds.

<div itemscope itemtype="">
  <a itemprop="url" href="">Home</a>
  <img itemprop="logo" src="" / />

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