Google Now Provide Calendar Email Notification Logs in Admin Console

Google enriching existing calendar audit logs, making it easier for helpdesk admins to troubleshoot issues for their users.

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Google is launching calendar email notification logs in the Calendar audit section of Admin Console, helping users to easily investigate issues related to calendar email notifications — when these notifications are inadvertently triggered by third party calendar clients or go missing — either because of incorrectly configured Gmail filters, or accidental email deletions, etc.

With this launch, each log entry provides insights on the type of calendar notification, its sender and its recipient as well as information on the calendar client that triggered it.

Calendar email notification logs in Admin Console

Additionally, in order to confirm whether the notification was successfully delivered to its intended recipients, users can also obtain notification's Message-ID.

For more information on the new calendar notification fields, see this Help Center.

Google also seems to be testing a new feature taking the search a step further with the new "Personal" tab rolloed out in the search results for some, that dispalys additional information about the topic search for.

For example, in the "Personal" tab, Google surfaced recent purchases of Switch games — when the Nintendo Switch query was serched. And, in the section below displays Gmail results which contain the keyword "Nintendo Switch".

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