Google My Business Adds Where and How People Seeing Your Listing

Google announcing exciting new changes to My Business, designed to let users see where and how people are finding them on Search, Maps.

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During today's modern time, search engines are the most prefered form of finding information online be it about local businesses or something else.

With these trends, business owners also started relying on Google My Business which help them reach new customers through Google Search and Maps.

In fact, the average well-maintained Google My Business listing gets five times more views than listings which haven't been claimed by their owners, google stated.

Google advises owner to keep their listing up-to-date by adding photos, responding to reviews, and updating business hours to help users find helpful, relevant information easily and directly.

Today, to business owners get more insight, the company has launched some exciting new changes to Google My Business, including:

Now when you log into Google My Business, users will now see the total number of views of their listing, along side a breakdown of traffic coming from Google Search vs. Maps.

Google My Business traffic breakdown Google Search vs. Maps

In addition, business owners will now also see who visited their listing after searching for it directly, and of those "who have discovered their business while looking for a broader category."

Google in additon has also removed Google+ statistics from the My Business dashboard, to keep its focus on these new insights on Google Search and Maps.

"With deeper insights on how people are finding your business on Google, you can make sure your efforts to maintain and promote your business are paying off."

Google continue advising says, business owners must start promoting their listing with AdWords Express, which will help them to reach more customers who are searching for their business category.

Google My Business how people finding you

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