Google Maps Ride Display Options from 9 Partners in 60 Plus Countries

Ride options from Lyft and Gett begin appearing across the U.S. on Google Maps mobile app on iOS and Android.

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Google Maps earlier this year in March to help people find and compare the fastest ways to get around the town added a new "ride services" tab when searching for directions.

Continuing to expand further, the Maps team today, announced two more partners Lyft and Gett joined the board. "Ride options from Lyft will begin appearing across the U.S., while Gett will show availability within New York City," team stated.

In addition, the team says it'll also show various types of services offered by each partner— for instance Lyft may also show options for a Lyft Line ride.

With these new partners, without having to download and open multiple apps—Google Maps now with 9 ride-sharing partners in over 60 countries, "allows to compare fastest, most affordable ride nearby."

The ride service tab updates automatically based on driver availability, estimated fare and ETA, noted maps team.

How ride options works: In the Google Maps app, type the locations you're looking to get, a ride services tab will appear alongside driving, transit and walking directions. And, tapping the icon will display "fare estimates and pick up times from multiple ride service partners," depending on driver availability.

Ride options is available on both Google Maps on iOS and Android apps.

Lyft and Gett join Google Maps ride options ride service tab updates automatically based on driver availability, estimated fare and ETA.

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