Google Maps Now Allow Creating Lists of Favorite Places, Share & Access Offline

Starting today, you can create lists of places, share your lists with others, and follow the lists your friends and family share with you—without ever leaving the Google Maps app (Android, iOS).

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Google Maps has a new feature now that lets users to keep track of saved places and allow them to create a list of their favorite places and share these lists with others via text, emal or social networks or popular messaging apps as well as access offline.

The features is currently available on Google Maps app for Android and iOS, and allow lets users save favorite locations to a specified list so that it can be accessed later — even offline — and shared with other users.

To save a location in Google Maps app, tap on the place name and "Save" icon to add the place to either Google organized pre-set lists like "Want to Go" or "Favorites," or create a new your own list. Icons for the places you've saved to lists will appear on the map itself.

To access lists simp,y go to "Your Places" in the side menu, and then open saved tab. Google says lists can be shared by a single tap on share button, and once you send a link, the receiver can tap "Follow" to pull up the list from "Your Places" tab, whenever they need it.

Further, Google says, the lists you follow can be accessed on Google Maps on mobile and desktop—and even offline. And, next before your trip to the place, download offline maps of the area in advance.

Google Maps app: Create and Share Lists of Favorite Places

Google also posted a video to show how the new feature works in real life:

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