Google Launches Brand New Look AdWords Express

Overhaul AdWords Express streamline experience with redesigned "stats and reporting graphs, a faster, simpler signup, and Real-time ad previews."

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AdWords Express, now gets a brand new look--as part of Google products enahncement inline Google+.

The refreshed AdWords Express comes with a redesigned dashboard that now show you at a glance "the number of views, clicks and calls your ad has generated."

There's also a simple pie chart for tracking your monthly spending, and you can also compare results over time with the new performance graph.

And, the new Real-time ad preview box, lets you see your ad created right as you type. "Just hover over the icons to preview all the ad formats that are available based on the text you provide," Google adds.

Google has also made some significant improvements to the signup experience in AdWords Express. Getting your ad set up shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

Now there are just 3 steps to start advertising: "select your audience, create your ad, and select your budget," informs Google.

AdWords Express Clearer stats and reporting graphs

AdWords Express Real-time ad previews

New AdWords Express Sign-up

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