Google I/O 2012: Introduces New 'YouTube App for Android; YouTube Android Player API, YouTube Direct, YouTube Analytics API,YouTube Data API'

YouTube app for Android launched at the Google I/O 2012, bringing the YouTube experience on the go and at home, the features include:A guide to all your channelsWith less screen space on a phone than a laptop or TV, the YouTube app now has a guide on the left side of the screen that gives […]

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YouTube Android App Launched

YouTube app for Android launched at the Google I/O 2012, bringing the YouTube experience on the go and at home, the features include:

A guide to all your channels
With less screen space on a phone than a laptop or TV, the YouTube app now has a guide on the left side of the screen that gives instant access to channels, and a feed constantly updating with new videos.

Faster on the go
When you're watching YouTube on the go, you can now preload and temporarily cache videos from your subscribed channels on your phone anytime it's charging and your WiFi is connected. "Just enable "Preloading" in the Settings menu. You'll still need a connection to play the video, but once you do it's smooth sailing through the latest from your subscribed channels and Watch Later queue," informs Andrey Doronichev, head of YouTube mobile.

Watch it on the big screen
While the video's playing on a TV, now with the new YouTube app or mobile website you'll be able to use your phone to find the next great video to watch, comment, like or subscribe.

If you're using or other versions of the YouTube app, you can still access your subscriptions by signing in and selecting "Subscriptions."

Google says, the will make this broadly available across connected TVs and living room devices, so stay tuned for updates.

These new YouTube app features are currently available on Android 4.0+ and will appear on other Android versions in coming months.

To download the new YouTube app for Android, visit the Google Play Store.

Here is the video showing the features of the new YouTube app for Android:

Google also announced new YouTube APIs and developer tools, as
well as a showcase of some of the most innovative apps built with YouTube.

First up, Google previewing the new YouTube Android Player API for high-quality and fluid video playback.

Second, the YouTube Direct now allows you to engage with your community by having them submit videos which you can then feature in playlists. "YouTube Direct Lite is implemented in client-side JavaScript using CORS, and does not require any server-side deployments--adding it to your site is as simple as adding an data!," posted Amanda Surya, YouTube API Team.

Retrieving analytics data, now you can use new YouTube Analytics API to build custom tools for your data. "It's a RESTful web service that gives you the freedom to request customized reports containing only the data you care about," explains Surya.

Google also giving the YouTube Data API a facelift with new features like universal search and updated client libraries in 8 different languages.

Google Hangouts API New Apps Launched

Google+ Hangouts API was launched back in March this year to help developers build more memorable experiences and activities inside the face-to-face-to-face setting of hangouts -- today at the I/O 2012, received a new set of featured apps.

Also, Google revealed that in the 90 days since, the apps in Hangouts was launcheds: "over 200 apps built for hangouts; the average duration of a hangout increase by 2.5 times when participants use an app; and 1 in every 3 hangouts use an app."

Here are the new apps launching today:

  • Google Art Project: Explore collections from around the world with thousands of artworks photographed in extremely high resolution. You can play an art guide and take your friends on a tour of different museums.
  • New YouTube App: Create, control, save and even share playlists of videos with friends--all inside a hangout. It's like your own VIP table at the world's coolest YouTube party.
  • New Effects App: One of the most popular hangout apps gets more fun with a brand new UI and with the introduction of new effects.
  • Symphonical: Conduct your business meetings and manage projects in real-time using the Symphonical app for hangouts.
  • MiniClip 8-ball Pool: Challenge friends to a game of pool with real-time stats tracking.
  • A Story Before Bed: Family hangouts just got better with this app. Pick a storybook from the shelf and read it to your loved ones.
  • Panoramio Game: Compete with friends to be the most precise wanderer by finding out where a photo was taken while traveling around the world with Google Maps through stunning Panoramio photos. If you are the best, you get to choose your next destination.
  • Cheer On: Root for your favorite sports team by customizing your video appearance in a hangout. With so many sporting events coming up this summer, this is one app you must have next time you are in a hangout.