Google Invests $12 Million USD in Jasper Power Project, Africa

Google invests $12 million USD in renewable energy in "Jasper Power Project," South Africa. Inked a 10 year agreement with O2 and Allianz to supply Finnish data center with renewable energy. Stay safe online with new, privacy and security tips.

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Update 06/04: As of today June 3, 2013, Google's Finnish data center and a Swedish wind farm developer, a German insurance company, just inked agreements with O2 and Allianz to supply its Finnish data center with renewable energy for the next 10 years.

"our fourth long-term agreement to power our data centers with renewable energy worldwide, and our first in Europe," informs Google.

O2, the wind farm developer, has obtained planning approval to build a new 72MW wind farm at Maevaara, in Övertorneå and Pajala municipality in northern Sweden, using highly efficient 3MW wind turbines. "(W)e've committed to buying the entire output of that wind farm for 10 years so that we can power our Finnish data center with renewable energy," Google wrote.

"That agreement has helped O2 to secure 100% financing for the construction of the wind farm from the investment arm of German insurance company Allianz, which will assume ownership when the wind farm becomes operational in early 2015," adds Google.

Google has invested $12 million USD (103 million Rand) in renewable energy in the Jasper Power Project, Africa.

The projedt is a 96 megawatt solar photovoltaic plant in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

Upon completion, "Jasper will be one of the largest solar installations on the continent, capable of generating enough electricity to power 30,000 South African homes," informs Google.

Google has already committed more than $1 billion to renewable energy investments and it's continue to search for new opportunities. "Our search has brought us from the U.S. to Europe and now to Africa. We're excited to see where else it might lead," adds Google.

Also, Google has begun sharing security tips to help users stay safe and secure online. In the first of the series article, the company has tipped to create strong, unique passwords.

"We've made a huge amount of progress to help protect your Google Account from people who want to break into it, but having a unique, strong password is still an important way to protect your online accounts. Please take five minutes today to reset your important passwords!," Google writes.

  • "Use a different password for each important service. "Giving an account its own, strong password helps protect you and your information in that account."
  • Make your password hard to guess by choosing passwords longer with "numbers, symbols, and letters."
  • Keep your password somewhere safe. Chrome and other web browsers have free password managers built into them.
  • Set a recovery option, like an alternate email address or a telephone number, helps give the service provider another way to contact you if you're ever locked out of your account."

Wathc the video below that explains the above tips:

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