Google Introduces New Custom Templates in Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms

Save your teams time with new custom templates in G Suite for the Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms files.

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G Suite with tools like Explore, Action items, and other features helps teams save time and focus on creating impactful work in collaboration quicker. But, still time is being spent just for re-creating files in the workplace, helping team collaborating and achieving results, Google is rolling out "custom templates in G Suite" for the Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms files used most by your teams.

With custom templates in G Suite, team can simply submit files to shared template galleries in the Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms home screens for co-workers to adapt and use as needed. These templates then help teams to focus less on formatting and more on driving impact and sharing success.

The old templates gallery, as Google said will shut down in early February 1st, 2017, so users must make a transition to the new galleries.

Since these templates are not enabled by default, and if admins disable template submissions to old Google Drive templates gallery, users of G Suite for Business and Education, will not be able to see and use the new galleries when they launch. And, need to get these templates approved by the admin before they appear in the gallery.

To enable new galleries, just to Admin console (Apps -> G Suite -> Drive and Docs -> Templates).

Admins in addition can even restrict who can submit new templates. And can also configure the categories available for organizational templates in the Admin console.

To help admins to update settings and curate their template galleries, the feature is first rolling out both in the Admin console and in the home screens. End users on Rapid release track will also get these features today, however rollout to end users on the Scheduled release track starts on December 7th.

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Custom Templates in G Suite

Enable Custom Templates for G Suite Business and Education

Enable Custom Templates for G Suite Business and Education

Google Sheets API getting an update today now includes many new features including access to more functionality found in the Sheets desktop and mobile user interfaces.

Formatting cells in Sheets is one example of something that wasn't possible with previous versions of the API and is the subject of the DevByte video (2nd ) below, the Sheet in the video is created using the code from the previous video (1st below).

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