Google Introduces New Cloud Platform Support Packs; Preview of Java 7 & Cloud Endpoints

Google Cloud Platform support now provide different support packages for customers of all sizes and needs. Introduces preview of Google App Engine Java 7 runtime support and Google Cloud Endpoints.

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A new comprehensive collection of support packages for services on Google Cloud Platform, announced today now lets customers decide what level best fits your needs from the following options:

  • Bronze is free to all customers, who get access to online documentation, community forums, and billing support.
  • Silver available for $150/month lets customers email support team for questions related to product functionality, best practices, and service errors.
  • Gold starts at $400/month will offer 24x7 phone support and consultation on application development, best practices or architecture for your specific use case.
  • Platinum is the most comprehensive and personalized support among the above all. "In addition to Gold, you'll get direct access to a Technical Account Manager team," informs Google.

Chech out here for more information.

New Google cloud Platform Support Packages

In addition, Google also introduced today, two new preview features "Google App Engine Java 7 runtime support" and "Google Cloud Endpoints."

Java 7 Runtime Support for App Engine allows App Engine developers to keep pace with innovations in the Java language and runtime. "It is important that you begin testing your applications with the new Java 7 runtime before the complete rollout in a few months," Google stated.

And, the Cloud Endpoints simplifies building highly scalable and flexible backends for your web and mobile applications. "Use Cloud Endpoints to store application data in the cloud that spans both devices and users. You can now easily expose your own authenticated, reliable, REST-based APIs hosted from an App Engine application and consume them in your Android, iOS, or web clients. Deeply integrated authentication support allows your users to have a transparent yet secure experience accessing your services. You have access to strongly typed client libraries for your custom service optimized for Android and iOSm" explains Google.

To use Cloud Endpoints, you simply write a Java or Python class with methods you want to expose to web or mobile clients.

To get started with Java 7 Runtime, download latest App Engine Java SDK, and check the docs here. For getting started with Cloud Endpoints, download the App Engine 1.7.5 SDK and the latest Google Plugin for Eclipse.

Google cloud Endpoints Preview Architecture

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