Google Intro New HTML5 Playable Ad Format in Universal App Campaigns

Universal App campaigns—playable ads are the most recent addition.

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A new HTML5 powered playable ads format in Universal App campaigns (UAC) announced on Monday will help users to quickly spin a wheel, score a point or jump into level two, right from the ad.

Google notes, that Playtika, a leading mobile gaming company used this format to reach more users for its game as it introduced interactive engaging playable ads and also tested multiple creative formats, that helped them increased its return on ad spend (ROAS) by 1.8X.

Google offer following tips to get started with playable ads in UAC, saying that for getting users engagement with ads, you must "keep playable ad content short — between 30-60 seconds long."

Tailor the length for your app; it can vary depending on vertical and complexity of the ad. And gameplay in the ad should be easier to complete than in the actual game.

Of course, you must make sure to include instructions into the app/ games design for users to help them interact with the ad. "Focus on the aspects of your game that capture people's attention and gets players to come back," says Google. "Set clear user expectations by including clear instructions and captions about how gameplay works—for example "swipe to scroll" and "shake your phone to jump"."

Lastly, while you summarize the game, have a clear call to action with a clickable area for a smooth transition into the game as an example, "Enjoyed playing? Download now to beat level two."

The screenshot below shows an example of Jam City's playable ad for Cookie Jam:

google htm5 playable ad for uac

To learn more about how to make the most of UAC, check out the best practices.

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