Google Hire, A New Recruiting App Integrates with G Suite Formally Launched

Hire-an app designed to help small and medium businesses recruit more effectively-can help.

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Google Hire

Google Hire, a recruiting app which is pegged as a potential competitor to professional networking platform LinkedIn has formally been introduced by Google to small and medium businesses to recurit more efficiently.

Hire, as it seamlessly integrates with G Suite give customers a hiring app alongside other apps like Gmail and Calendar, and enable them to quickly access all candidate communications in one place. With that customers can easily identify talent, efficiently schedule interviews and collaborate to reach a hiring decision quickly, and manage the interview process end-to-end.

Some of the functionalities of Google Hire are as follows:

  • Communicate with candidates in Gmail or Hire and your emails will sync automatically in both.
  • Schedule interviews in Hire with visibility into an interviewer's schedule from Calendar. Hire also automatically includes important details in Calendar invites, like contact information, the full interview schedule and what questions each interviewer should focus on.
  • Track candidate pipeline in Hire, and then analyze and visualize the data in Sheets.
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Google says, that until now employees using a lot of unintuitive and hard to learn recruiting tools for business, but with the Hire, that's going to change, as it's optimized with a mindset of "less is more" during hundreds of user-testing sessions with early adopters.

For now, Google Hire is only available to all U.S.-based businesses with under 1,000 employees that use G Suite.

To know more about Hire, visit this page, or request a demo to learn at

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