Google Fiber Coming to Austin, Texas by Mid-2014

Google Fiber connecting homes in Austin by mid-2014. "Customers there will have a similar choice of products as our customers in Kansas City: Gigabit," Google said.

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Google Fiber is coming to the Austin, Texas, city--announced the Mayor Lee Leffingwell.

Google Fiber

"Our goal is to start connecting homes in Austin by mid-2014. Customers there will have a similar choice of products as in Kansas City: Gigabit Internet or Gigabit Internet plus our Google Fiber TV service with nearly 200 HD TV channels," Google stated in the joint statement.

We're sure these folks will do amazing things with gigabit access, and we feel very privileged to have been welcomed to their community.

Further, the company said it is working out pricing details for Austic, but customers can expect roughly similar price to Kansas City.

In additon, Google said that in Kansas City, it'll soon offer customers a free Internet connection at 5 mbps for 7 years, provided they pay a one-time construction fee.

Also, it plan to connect many public institutions as they build in Austin-- schools, hospitals, community centers, etc. -- at a gigabit for no charge.

Those in Austin, for sign up or more information, can visit the website here.

If you're a city leader and you're looking for some help making your city gigabit-friendly, have a look at this video from the FCC's March 2013 Workshop on Gigabit Community Broadband Networks for steps you can take towards your own gigabit-powered future.

Upgrade 04/24: Google Fiber TV App for iPad lets users search for programming, browse listings, and select shows or recordings with just the touch or swipe of a finger.

Now, iPad users can enjoy this simple, intuitive experience, too.

Kansas City, can get their business online at Google's "Get Your Business Online" (GYBO) event, where Google will make you able to set up a free website and a personalized domain name for your small businesses in under an hour.

Businesses will also receive a customized domain name, free web hosting for one year, a local business listing on Google Maps and free tools, training and resources.

Google experts will be on hand to train the business owners on how to reach more customers online in both English and Spanish.

Go to for details on the event and the program and to register (Missouri businesses welcome, too!).

Head over to the Google Play store or the Apple App Store to download the app.

Google Fiber TV App for iPad

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