Google Expanding AdWords Ad Rotation Limit to 90 Days, Will Offer an "opt-out" of this Change - Adwords for Video Help Desk Hangouts

Responding to feedback on the last month's changes to the creative rotation setting in AdWords to "rotate evenly for a period of 30 days," after which AdWords would now optimize to show higher performing creatives more frequently -- Google today shared more information "why they made the change?"In a blog post, Nick Fox, VP, Product […]

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Responding to feedback on the last month's changes to the creative rotation setting in AdWords to "rotate evenly for a period of 30 days," after which AdWords would now optimize to show higher performing creatives more frequently -- Google today shared more information "why they made the change?"

In a blog post, Nick Fox, VP, Product Management says, that "With the modified Rotate evenly setting, our tests indicate that we'll provide you with more valuable traffic in an automated, efficient manner. We've found that, on average, optimized creative rotation results in an increase in click-through rate and an increase in total conversion volume for advertisers."

Also, he says, that Google is planning to make two changes to the setting:

"First, Google will expand the even rotation period from 30 days to 90 days to give a longer window for testing new ads. Second, if you still wish to have your ads rotate evenly indefinitely, we're going to offer an opt-out of this change," explains Fox. You can opt-out by filling in your information on this form or by contacting your account representative.

Both of these changes will go into effect on June 11, 2012.

Adding, "If we see a large amount of demand for the opt-out over the next few weeks, we'll also offer the opt-out in the AdWords interface directly," he said.

AdWords for Video Help Desk Hangouts On Air

In other AdWords news, Google this week at a Help Desk Hangout On Air, discussed video advertising using Adwords for video.

"Googlers Dori Storbeck, Courtney Pannell, Rob Warner, and Valentine Matrat taught us how AdWords for video can benefit business owners, how to set up and target campaigns, and how to collect metrics when evaluating your campaign's performance," informs Google.

Watch the video recording embedded at the end of this post. Here are a few questions answered during the Hangout - per Google blog post:

Is video advertising helpful for local business? Is there a way to choose people from a certain town or area?
Video advertising can be a huge help. Video helps increase awareness and create a relationship between the business and potential clients, ultimately reducing barriers to first-time visits and increasing chances for repeat visits to the store. Video advertising allows you to build a personality for your business and provide compelling arguments to your local audience as to why they should choose your business.

If you have a video you know you want to promote, is there a strategy for selecting which type of video ad format to choose or should you try all formats and evaluate performance?
We recommend that you always start with all four video ad formats. You want your ads to achieve a balance between engagement and traffic to your videos. In general, the best format for driving traffic to your site and brand awareness is the in-stream format (it also tends to be the cheapest). That being said, starting out with all four ad formats will allow you to make better informed decisions for your needs.

Is there a time limit or minimum time that a video must be in order to be a TrueView ad?
Your video ad can be any length, but you don't want it to be too short or too long. We've found that the optimal time for a video ad is between 30 seconds to a minute and a half, which allows you enough time to market your business and help you stand out from the competition, but not too long that users lose interest and skip your ad. Here's a tip: Try to get the main point of your messaging at the beginning of the video so that you capture the audience's attention.

Can you use annotations offered by YouTube in your AdWords video ads?
The annotations that you set up on your video from your YouTube account will show on your video when it plays as a TrueView in-search or TrueView in-display format. However, it does not currently show when your ad plays as a TrueView in-stream ad.

Is analytics data provided for video ads?
You will get detailed performance reporting and video analytics data from the AdWords for video interface in your AdWords account. You should also check out the YouTube Analytics tool, found within your YouTube account. YouTube Analytics is a great resource for businesses on YouTube because you can access a rich set of data about who is watching your videos.

YouTube Analytics can capture the following data and more:

  • Chronological and geographic distribution of your views.
  • Demographic data about your viewers, which provides age and gender distributions.
  • Traffic sources data that allows you to determine what external sites and YouTube features are generating traffic for your videos. This will help you determine how many views are generated by your TrueView ads vs other sources of traffic.
You can find more information on YouTube Analytics in the Help Center. And, to learn more about how to get started with the Display Network, visit this Help Center.

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