Google Enterprise Partner Search Introduced; Art Project Adds 29 New Art Orgs

Google Enterprise Partner Search; Voter Information Tool; Art Project Adds 29 New Art Orgs; Chrome Web Lab Evolves; Chrome Remote Desktop Out of Beta

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New Google Enterprise Partner Search making it simpler for you to find the local, specialized, and trusted help you may need with the Using it you can "search, click, and make the call to see how Google Apps Resellers can make your experience with Google Apps even better," informs Google.

"With over 6,000 Google Apps Resellers around the world, Enterprise Partner Search lets you preview the capabilities of a partner and find one that offers the services you're looking for - from setup and user training, to email migration, management services, and support," Google added.

Check out Google Enterprise Partner Search.

google enterprise partner search

For Presidential elections in the United States, to help voters research candidates and successfully cast their ballot on Election Day, Google today launched a new Voter Information Tool.

"You can enter your address to find information on your polling place, early vote locations, ballot information with links to candidates' social media sites and voting rules and requirements," informs Google.

The Voter Information Tool is easy to embed on any website and is open source so developers can modify it to create custom versions.

voter information tool for u.s. presidential election 2012

Google says, they're also working with a number of media partners to ensure the tool is accessible across the web, and partners like Foursquare and AT&T are building apps using Civic Information API.

Google Art Project since its launch has been explored by 15 million people. Starting today, the number of treasures you can view is increasing by more than 10% "as 29 new art organisations from 14 countries bring their collections online to the Art Project," google announced.

Google also revealed that around 180 partners have contributed their works to the Art Project so far, more than 300,000 of you have created your own online galleries.

google art project adds 29 new art organisations from 14 countries

Now that the total number of objects online is more than 35,000, Google added a few new ways for you to experience the collections including:

An educational tool for art students, enthusiasts or those who are simply curious. "A "Compare" button has been added to the toolbar on the left of each painting. This allows you to examine two pieces of artwork side-by-side to look at how an artist's style evolved over time, connect trends across cultures or delve deeply into two parts of the same work," Google posted.

Second beyond, a Google+ page, Google also created a new Hangout app within the Art Project so that you can share your favorite collections and perhaps give your friends a personal guided tour.

Watch this space for more to come.

Chrome Web Lab, has opened the Science Museum in London to the entire world, and according to Google "so far it has seen over 2.5 million visitors from 196 countries creating more than 2 million Sketchbot portraits, Universal Orchestra compositions, Teleporter postcards and Data Tracer snapshots."

Google has just refined the experience -- for example, "using the new getUser Media API, you can now use your webcam to send a picture of your face, with your permission, to the Sketchbots experiment without an additional plug-in," inforoms Google.

Also, a new backing track added to the Universal Orchestra changes based on a number of factors including how many people are visiting the Experiment at any given time.

Google will also hosting a series of Google Developer Live videos with the developers who created them to let those who want to get under the hood of how Web Lab was made, know how they were made.

Finally, Chrome Remote Desktop is now out of beta as of Oct. 30, and also gets some additional features include:

Addition of a real time audio feed (on Windows) -- "that can be handy if you want to listen to that MP3 music collection you have stored on a computer at home. Now you can also copy-and-paste between your local and remote computers," Google stated.

For those not aware, "Chrome Remote Desktop is a tool for new Samsung Chromebook, allowing you to remote into your PC or Mac at home while you bring your portable and easy-to use Chromebook with you on the go."

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