Google Enable e-Books Searching at Local Libraries in U.S.

Google Search lets readers find e-books at their local libraries. Gmail and Inbox begin converting phone numbers, addresses, email ids to interactive links.

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Google has introduced a new feature in the U.S. that allows users to find e-books at their local libraries.

Here is how it works? When a title of the book is searched on Google, and the knowledge graph card loads up, a new option "Borrow e-book" under the "Get Book" section will appear. The e-book version of the title searched, if available to borrow will appear underneath "libraries near you." You would, then tap the library where you want to borrow the book, sign-in on the page that appear, so you can then choose to either borrow it, sample it, or add it to your wish list.

The library location can be edited within the search app by tapping on the "edit location" link next to the "Libraries Near You" option.

According to the tweet, the feature is currently only available on mobile.

In other news today, addresses, phone numbers, and contacts when detected are now converted to interactive hyperlinks in Gmail and Inbox by Gmail on Android, iOS and the web, thereby saving users time.

With this launch, when a user clicks on an address link, will be redirected to Google Maps. While, clicking an email address will open user's default email client to compose a new email.

Finally, clicking a phone number on your mobile device will start a call request using the default phone app.

In the screenshot below, you can an example email composed:

Email composed on Gmail and Inboxy by Gmail

Google also now allow exporting of Gmail, Google Groups, and on-the-record Google Hangouts chat data from Google Vault in PST format. So, businesses those store their data to e-discovery processing and review tools in Microsoft Personal Storage Table (PST) format, can easily produce and import the data.

Export data from Google Vault in PST format

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