Google Drive: Now Preview Password-protected Files, Find Drive Files and Folders

Preview password-protected Microsoft Office documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in Google Drive. Also, now search for Drive files & folders in your Drive Android app.

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Adding text and shapes with the Google Slides API

Google Slides API that was launched last November along with applications providing the ability to interact with the Slides service helping to perform operations on presentations programmatically. Today, the team has released a new Slides API tutorial that help in adding text to presentations including text and shapes.

Most importantly, it also cover best practice when using the API to create own object IDs. By doing this, “developers can execute more requests while minimizing API calls,” the team says.

Other videos available showing you how to:

Replace text and images in slides

Generate slides from spreadsheet data

Format text in presentations

Google Drive making it easier to preview password-protected files from Microsoft Office documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in Drive.

Going forward, “when you attempt to open one of these file types in Drive on the web, you’ll be prompted to enter the password and, upon doing so successfully, you’ll see a read-only preview of that document,” the team writes.

It’s also now easier to find Google Drive files, as going forward Drive files and folders will be indexed via Firebase App Indexing, and as a result, when searched in the Google app on Android phone will appear in the results, says Drive team. You can then select those files to open them in the appropriate app.

To start simply type a search query and tap the “IN APPS” tab to view any Drive files relevant to search.

You can download latest versions of the Drive Android app from Google Play store.

Search Google Drive Files and Folders

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