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Google Docs Gets Sparklines, Google+ Sharing, Styles and More! Features

A bunch of new features, as well as some great improvements introduced today to Google Docs including:

  • Customizable styles in documents: Now you can restyle all your regular paragraphs, headings, or titles with just a couple clicks. “For example, if you want to update all the Subtitles in your document to be a particular size, set one Subtitle to that size, select it, right click and choose Update Subtitle to match selection,” explains Google. Adding, this will “change all the Subtitles already in your document and automatically update the style for any new Subtitles you create. Plus, with the new Options menu in the styles dropdown, you can set the current document’s styles as the default for new documents or you can load your default styles into the current document,” Google mentions.
  • Sparklines in spreadsheets let you display line or bar charts inside of cells and are useful for presenting and comparing data in a simple, in-cell format.

    Google Spreadsheets Adds Sparklines

  • More charting options: New charting options give you a bunch of tools to create more sophisticated charts including different Y-axes on either side of the chart, formatting options for the axis and title text, and all sorts of other customization for how your lines, bars, or pies are displayed.
  • Keyboard accelerators, mnemonics and shortcuts: Keyboard accelerators let you open menus using special keyboard shortcuts. “A mnemonic lets you choose a menu item with the stroke of a single key, and it’s indicated by an underlined letter in a particular menu. After you open a menu using a keyboard accelerator, use a mnemonic to select an item in the menu,” Google explains.
  • Sharing forms on Google+: Share forms created in Spreadsheets easily by sharing directly to your circles in Google+.

    Google Docs integrates with Google+

And there’s more…

  • Adding images to your docs from a high quality stock photo gallery. Simply go to Insert > Image, select Stock photos, and then search for the images that you want.

    Google Docs Stock Photos

  • A more streamlined format for document discussion notifications that batches multiple discussions into a single email.
  • Quickly opening and selecting items from specific menus with keyboard accelerators. For example, when using Google Chrome, Ctrl+Option+E on a Mac and Alt+E on Windows or Linux will open the Edit menu.
  • Copying and pasting via the context (right click) menu in documents when you have the Chrome App installed.
  • Progress bars while uploading files to Google Sites.
  • Searching for text inside of PDFs in your documents list using Optical Character Recognition.
  • Easily adding Google drawings or Google Groups discussions to a Google Site from the Insert menu.

    Add Google drawings or Google Groups discussions to Google Site

In addtion to above features, the new look Google Calendar is now the permanent interface for all Google Apps domains and users including Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education.

And, Docs for domain adds customizable styles that let you restyle all your regular paragraphs, headings, or titles with just a couple clicks.

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