Google Data Studio Beta Now Available to Companies Across the Globe

Spotlight on Data Studio: Beautiful Reports and Collaboration Just Got Easier. Create up to five custom reports with unlimited editing and sharing. All for free.

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Earlier this year, Google Data Studio beta in the U.S. with expansion in 21 additional countries just last week, "Data Studio is now available to companies across the globe."

With global availability of Data Studio, "you can now easily create and share reports and dashboards, and ultimately use insights and collaboration to make better business decisions." You can create up to five custom reports with unlimited editing and sharing.

Organizations today collect an increasingly large amount of data. In a world of web analytics, CRM systems, and third-party sources, data-driven decisions should be easier than ever before. However, all of this data has presented a significant challenge: making it easily accessible and useful. But "Data Studio solves this problem now by allowing you to easily connect your data and create beautiful, informative reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable."

Here's what you can now Get started today so you can:

  • Easily access the data sources you need to understand your business and make better decisions.
  • Quickly transform raw data into easy-to-follow reports and dashboards — no code or queries required.
  • Data Studio gives you the ability to create meaningful, shareable charts and graphs that bring your data to life.
  • Work together quickly, from anywhere, by sharing reports via Google Drive, explains google.

Google Data Studio Beta