Google Cloud Storage Price Down by Additional 10 Percent

Google Cloud Storage Price Down by Additional 10%; New Top Contributors Goes Live!

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The price of Google Cloud Storage is reduced by an additional 10%, "resulting in a total price reduction of over 30%."

Google earlier this week, announced the price reduction of standard Google Cloud Storage by over 20% -- along with improvements across Google Cloud Platform including 36 new Compute Engine instances, Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) storage, Object Versioning, and European datacenter support.

The new price reduction announced today applies to all Cloud Storage regions and the new DRA Storage.

You can find out more about the new Cloud Storage pricing here and to sign up to get started, visit here.

Google Cloud Storage Price down by 10 percent

If you've ever asked a question in the Google Help Forums, there's a pretty good chance you've met a Google Top Contributor. Now, starting today, you can find out more about Top Contributors on the new website for the program.

"You can learn about Google Help Forums, meet a few of the Top Contributors, and get a better understanding of what these incredible folks do to impact people's lives in the forums every day," google said.

Visit the new Google's Top Contributors site here.

Back in August, Google released an experiment that integrated Google Search with Gmail. Besides returning results from Gmail, Google also detects flight-related confirmation messages so that it can show additional information for your upcoming flights. You can now try this feature by searching for [my flights].

"There's a lot of valuable information that can be obtained from Gmail messages, as you can see from the latest Google Now update, which shows cards for flights, packages, hotel reservations, event bookings and more."

What Google doesn't mention is that it also shows flight notifications.

Google Flight Information

Google Search Flight Information