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Google Cliply revives Microsoft Clippy

Google Blogoscoped found an easter egg called “Cliply” that has been integrated into Google Docs. Google’s Cliply reminds us of Microsoft Clippy (living and talking paper clip, popping up with tips whenever you wanted to get some work done in Word?) of Office 2007. Instead of a paper clip, this time it’s a living Google logo. And it probably will be just as annoying as Clippy was. The following code showed up live in the source of a Google Docs document:

 if (writely.Vars.getSiteVar('enable_cliply')) { // Beta
document.getElementById('newlogo').src = '/images/cliply.gif';
'strength': 0.4,
'dexterity': 0.9,
'constitution': 0.7,
'intelligence': 0.1,
'wisdom': 0.3,
'charisma': 0.8});

Source:→ Google Blogoscoped

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