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Google Business Photos Are Now Used By Over 100,000 Businesses

Google Business Photos with the use of high-quality panoramic imagery and Street View technology, let businesses offer customers an interactive tour inside their business premises without physically setting foot inside.

In a January 15 blog post, Google reveals that since it the service was first launched in January 2012, “over 100,000 businesses are using the service to invite customers to virtually get an inside their doors.”

And, since its launch, they’ve made the Business Photos searchable on Google Search, Google Maps (including Maps for Android and iOS), and Google+ Local –“with just one click, you can now “See Inside” businesses from a computer or tablet.”

Google Business Photos used by over 100,000 customers

Google says its is working to expand the Business Photos service to more areas, which is currently only available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Check out this video of about Google Business Photos:

In another blog entry, Google kicking off a two-part AdSense optimization checklist series posts tips to help increase publishers increase their earning potential. Check out the Google tips below:

  1. Increase ad coverage by placing additional ad units–Google let you put up to three standard AdSense for content ad units (only one 300×600, three link units and two AdSense for search boxes on each page of your site). Watch the video below to make sure you follow best practices, when adding new ad units:

  2. Use recommended ad sizes: As a rule of thumb, wider ad sizes outperform taller counterparts and increase earnings significantly “only if positioned well”. Google says, the most effective are “728X90 Leaderboard, 336×280 Large Rectangle, 300×250 Medium Rectangle, and the 160×600 Wide Skyscraper.”
  3. Showing both text and image ads increases the competition for ads to appear on a site, and help earn more.
  4. Choosing right ad color combinations helps usrers differenciate between ads they like to click — and the ads they’ll skip right over. Google explains publishers can choose between “blend, compliment and contrast” to rightly apply the right style. See this Help Center article for additional information.
  5. Ensure optimal ad placement when placing the ad–so, that users can easily find the content as well as the ad. For more help, check out this resource, and the heat map.
  6. Add a Google Customer Search box (or two) on each page of a site. Placing a CSE on a site lets users search the contents on a site and publishers earn as well.

Google also explains how to use variety in content and the use of social outreach to make your site do well in Google search ranking. To take full advantage of Google+, webmaster must ensure to use the Authorship (rel=author) to distinguish their site in Google’s search results.

“Displaying your image next to the content can work wonders in improving your visibility in Google search results.” Check out this help center article to learn to associate your Google+ profile with your content.

The more your readers share your content, the more it will be visible in Google search. In the video below, Googler, Maile Ohye, tells how social information can make products like Search more relevant.

Webmaster can also take advantage of Google+ hangouts to connect and reach out to their customers.

“Hangouts give you an opportunity to reach out to that user or reader who is your highest commenter or has the maximum shares. With the Hangout on Air option you can broadcast your hangouts to others who could not join you.”

If your are using YouTube video to reach out your audience, make sure to use Transcripts, that are very easy to deploy and have the benefit of keeping users highly engaged.

Finally, Google launched three new Scholarships for underrepresented students in computer science.

“Scholarship recipients will each receive a $10,000 scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year and will be invited to attend the all-expenses-paid annual Google Scholars’ Retreat at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA,” Google stated.

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