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For the past six years, Google has been embroiled in a debilitating dispute over digitisation with French book publishers and authors. French authors and publishers sued Google for copyright violations back in 2006.Also, U.S. authors and publishers also sued. Although Gooogle reached an agreement with the American Author's Guild and Association of American Publishers in […]

So, with June begins, Google posted a messive search update that happend in last month May - "This month we had exciting announcements including the Knowledge Graph, better search for users in mainland China, and an updated Search App for iPhone," posted Scott Huffman, Engineering Director. In addition, Google also released new sports features, deeper […]

In the long running litigation over Google Books-scanning project. Presiding Judge Dennis Chin ruled that the Authors Guild and a parallel trade organization for photographers could represent their members collectively against Google in the class action.The Authors Guild brought a class action lawsuit against Google in 2005 for "massive" copyright infringement over its book scanning […]

Google has asked a Manhattan federal judge to dismiss a long running lawsuit aginst Google Books by the Authors Guild and the American Society of Media Photographers over the search- engine company's digital scanning of millions of books.They organisation accused the search-engine giant of copyright infringement when it signed contracts with libraries for scanning, distributing […]

On the 200th birth anniversary of Charles Dickens's, Google created a special doodle to celebrate the life and work of one of the world's greatest storytellers. The Dickens' doodle characters speak to the author's impact, the way Dickens himself used them to speak his messages to the world. They're familiar, warm, and tell their sometimes […]

Google eBooks now supports offline reading in Google Chrome. "Whether you are flying through the air, backpacking through the European countryside, or simply facing intermittent network connections, you can always read your Google eBooks in your Chrome browser or on your Chromebook," Google said.In order to read Google eBooks offline, just install the Google Books […]

Leymah Gbowee, Liberian peace activist, and a 2011 Nobel Peace Prize awardee, last Wednesday, stopped by Google to discuss her new memoir, Mighty Be Our Powers: How Sisterhood, Prayer, and Sex Changed a Nation at War (Beast Books, 2011).Mighty Be Our Powers, which is available as an ebook in the Google eBookstore (US-only), reveals Leymah's […]