Google-Belgian News Publishers Ends 6-year Old 'Copyright' Litigation

Google-Belgian News Publishers Ends 6-year Old 'Copyright' Litigation; Google Apps Offers 'model contract clauses' for EU Data Protection

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Google and Belgian French news publishers reaches agreement in six year old copyright lawsuit

Google reached an agreement with the Belgian news publishers that "ends all litigation."

"We continue to believe that our services respect newspaper copyrights and it is important to note that we are not paying the Belgian publishers or authors to include their content in our services," Google stated.

Google was sued by the Belgium's French-language news publishers and authors six years ago--as they argued that the search company violated their copyright by displaying snippets in Google News and linking to cached copies of their pages in Google search.

From now on, Google and Belgian French-language publishers will partner on a broad range of business initiatives, in order to:

  • "Promote both the publishers' and Google's services - Google will advertise its services on the publishers' media, while the publishers will optimise their use of Google's advertising solutions, in particular AdWords to attract new readers.
  • Increase publishers' revenue by collaborating on making money with content, both via premium models (paywalls, subscriptions), and via advertising solutions such as the AdSense platform and the AdExchange marketplace;
  • Increase reader engagement by implementing Google+ social tools, including video Hangouts, on news sites, and launching official YouTube channels;
  • Increase the accessibility of the publishers' content by collaborating on the distribution of the publishers original content on mobile platforms, in particular smartphones and tablets," blogged Google.

Google Apps Offers 'model contract clauses' for EU Data Protection

Back in June this year, Google said it will soon offer "model contract clauses" as an additional means of meeting the adequacy and security requirements of the European Commission's Data Protection Directive for Google Apps customers who operate within Europe.

Now, today, the company has announced that model contract clauses are now available for customer sign-up via the Google Apps control panel.

In addition, to Safe Harbor and ISO 27001 certification, "model contract clauses will provide customers with additional compliance options and furnish European businesses and organizations with information they need to trust Google Apps," google wrote.