Google App Engines High Replication Datastore Prices Slashed by Upto 25%

Google App Engines High Replication Datastore (HRD) and Google and Cloud Datastore prices reduced by up to 25%. Video sessions of Game Developers Conference, and i/O 2013 conference.

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Google App Engines High Replication Datastore (HRD), which was launched in 2011, has now grown and "currently processes over 4.5 trillion transactions per month with 99.95% uptime," informs Google.

In addition, HRD also serves as the basis of Google Cloud Datastore, that was announced last week at Google I/O.

Today, Google has announced the reduction of Datastore prices by "up to 25%." This price change impacts both App Engines HRD and Cloud Datastore.

Below is a breakdown of the new pricing:

New Google App Engines High Replication Datastore (HRD) pricing

In addition, Google has also posted video sessions of Game Developers Conference--showing developers how to take advantage of Google Cloud Platform to build all kinds of different games. Check them out below:

Intro to Google Cloud Platform - PaaS, IaaS, Storage, Analytics (48:18 min)

Connect Mobile Apps to the Cloud Without Breaking a Sweat (43:50 min)

Create Amazingly Scalable Games on Google Cloud Platform (40:35 min)

Understanding Your Players Using Near Real-time Data Analytics (41:20 min)

How EA Builds Mobile Game Servers on Google App Engine (44:23 min)

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