Google Analytics Improves Activity Stream, Adds 2 New Social Reports

Improved Activity Stream in Google Analytics Social Reports --gets 2 new standalone reports called "Data Hub Activity," and "Trackbacks."

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Social Reports in Google Analytics are designed to make it easier to see the conversations and activity happening surrounding content on Google's Social Data Hub Partners.

Now, to improving further the Activity Stream in Social Reports--Google introduces two new reports that makes it easier to consume this data: "Data Hub Activity, and Trackbacks."

Activity stream previously available via drill down from the Network Referrals or Landing Pages reports--has now been made as a standalone report. "By navigating to the Data Hub Activity report you'll see a timeline of the number of activities that have occurred in the Social Data Hub and the raw activities in a list below," informs Google.

You can also filter this list by any specific networks you choose.

In addition, Trackbacks are also now available in a standalone report. Additionally, Google say, it is now providing "context for the significance of each of the trackbacks by displaying the number of visits that were driven by each endorsing URL during the reporting period."

You'll see this number presented alongside the trackback.

"Trackbacks are all of your inbound links across the web, so you'll be informed if anyone from a small to blog to the New York Times posts a link to your site."

Google improves Activity Stream In Social Reports

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