Google AMP Preview Comes to Mobile Search Results Page

Google invite everyone to contribute to the AMP Project with rolling out an early preview across the entire organic search results page.

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Less than six months ago, Google introduced it's new initiative called "Accelerated Mobile Pages" in the 'Top Stories' carousel of mobile search results page. The AMP projects global adoption is so incredible that to date, "over 150 million AMP docs are now in Google search index," with "over 4 million new ones being added every week," the search company revealed.

As a result, the company has launched an early preview of AMP support across its entire organic search results page.

In a blog post, Google preview the faster experience where web results with AMP versions labeled with The AMP LogoAMP Logo. "When you tap on these results, you will be directed to the corresponding AMP page within the AMP viewer," expalains Google.

Further, the search company notes that AMP is way a ranking signal, "To clarify, this is not a ranking change for sites."

In fact, you can experience AMP's speedier reading experience on the mobile web by navigating to from your mobile. Once you lands on a live demo page, just search for something—says for e.g. "french toast recipe" or music lyrics by your favorite artist.

If you've enabled AMP on your site yet, don't get panic, Google with this preview has just started seeking feedback from users, developers and sites so that they can create a better Search experience.

"We want to give everyone who might be interested in "AMPing up" their content enough time to learn how to implement AMP and to see how their content appears in the demo," the post states.

In fact, you can visit the "Who" page on to get flavor of the sites already creating AMP content.

Google will be making this feature more broadly available later this year.

Here's the mobile search for ‘french toast'…

amp search preview amp search preview

In addition, if your are interested in "AMPing up" your site content, you can read this how to, or watch the video below.

And, developers can even go beyond developing AMP pages, by contributing to the AMP Project on Github.

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