Google Adds 'Shorter CNAME, Verification Details View' to Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools introduces "Verification details view; Shorter CNAME verification string; now requiring verification method be removed from the site before unverifying an owner."

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Google Webmaster Tools to help webmasters manage the verified owners for their websites introducing three new features:

Verification details view lets you see the methods used to verify an owner for your site. In the Manage owners page for your site, "you can now find the new Verification details link."

"Where appropriate, the Verification details will have links to the correct URL on your site where the verification can be found to help you find it faster," Google said.

This screenshot shows the verification details of a user who is verified using both an HTML file uploaded to the site and a meta tag:

Google Webmaster tools site verification details view

Google has now shorten CNAME verification string to support a larger number of DNS providers. "Some systems limit the number of characters that can be used in DNS records, which meant that some users were not able to use the CNAME verification method. We've now made the CNAME verification method have a fewer number of characters," Google expalins.

Existing CNAME verifications will continue to be valid.

In addtion, Google now require the verification method be removed from the site before unverifying an owner from Webmaster Tools. "Webmaster Tools now checks the method that the owner used to verify ownership of the site, and will show an error message if the verification is still found," Google wrote.

The screenshot below shows an error message shown when an unverification was attempted while the DNS CNAME verification method was still found on the DNS records of the domain:

CNAME verification error in Google Webmaster Tools

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