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Gmail To Offer Infinite Plus One Email Storage!

Untill now, Gmail offer the largest storage space on the Internet, providing 2.8GB and counting for all users. Last week, Yahoo! challenged Google’s Gmail and also the Live.com mail service that currently provides 2GB storage size by announcing unlimited storage space to all the users starting May 2007.  Today, Google made a funny statement, sustaining Gmail will offer infinite plus one storage size soon. According to BBspot, Greg Tomkins, Google engineer, proposed this storage size for Gmail after his kids gave him the idea.

“I was out in the yard when my kids ran up to me yelling at each other. My son said to my daughter, ‘I hate you to infinity.’ She replied, ‘I hate you to infinity plus one.’ And right then I knew I had the solution to competing with unlimited storage. Once your Yahoo e-mail box is full, you’ll be able to transfer it to Gmail and add one more message. Those Yahoos will have a hard time beating that,” Greg Tomkins said according to the same publication.

Quite interesting, isn’t it? After the publication contacted Yahoo, the giant portal offered a funny reply, sustaining their mail solution will provide a “million-trillion-billion infinite storage”. Although the two companies are now challenging one another for the storage size of their mail solutions, I think it would be more useful if the firms decide to compete for the most secure e-mail service. As you know, the e-mail addresses from all over the world are assaulted with millions of spam messages even if you’re using or not a spam filter.

Source:→ Softpedia

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