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Gmail: Expand your Gmail to full width with “Gmail Full Width” & “Gmail Sidebar Remover” Greasemonkey Scripts

At times, it’s quite annonying to see ads on the right sidebar in Gmail window, which occupies lots of precious space, thus narrowing down Gmail width. There’re many scripts and tools available to remove those ads.

Gmail Sidebar Remover: Removes the ads from the right side of the screen in the conversation view and moves the thread links from the top of that pane over to the left side, so they are still useable. One thing that would really be cool is if this script also grabbed other information that is displayed near the ads, such as package tracking or address mapping. This information only shows up when specific information is detected in emails, and it would be handy to still have it available.

Gmail Sidebar Remover will only work in Firefox with Greasemonkey installed, and is compatible with both the old Gmail, as well as the new Gmail.

Gmail Full Width 2: It’s for new version of Gmail, when viewing a message/conversation, the advertisement box on the right is removed and messages and reply box occupy the full width available. Long titles are optionally truncated. If you are still using the old version of Gmail, Gmail Full Width does the job.

This script won’t work with the old version of Gmail.

With a long title, not truncated:

At the top of the script the “truncate” variable specifies to what length the subject line gets truncated if it is too long, so that it and the blue links are all on the same line:

truncate is a boolean (true or false), false by default. If you mouse over the title, the full length of it will be exposed.

The “map this” feature currently gets removed along with the ads. I don’t know what to do with it. Please leave a comment if you have an opinion of where it should go.

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