Global Ortho in Western Europe to be Completed by the End of CY 2012; Bing Maps Acquires 17 Million SqKm of New Satellite Imagery

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Bing Maps adds nearly 17 Million SqKm of new satellite imagery

The Global Ortho (GO) program recently in August completed in the US with the release of 800,133 SqKm! -- is now on schedule to be completed by the end of CY 2012 in the Western Europe as well, Bing team announced in a blog post adding that this month, "Bing Maps added nearly 17 Million SqKm of new satellite imagery!"

As part of the Global Ortho project, Bing Imagery Technology (BITs) has acquired 100% of the USA. "That means every square inch of the continental U.S.A. has been photographed, bringing Bing Maps consistent quality and high resolution imagery. This imagery was collected at a 30cm resolution (1 foot = 1 pixel)," Bing wrote.

Bing also acquired new 15cm imagery over Manhattan including a view of the Space Shuttle Enterprise. "The Enterprise was the first Space Shuttle Orbiter built for NASA and now resides at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum," Bing said.

Also, BITS publishes new satellite imagery to Bing Maps "totaling 85 terabytes and covering nearly 17 million SqKm (16,915,916 SqKm, to be exact!)."

"We've updated coverage across the globe. South America, southern Asia, Africa, and Australia make up the largest amount of this month's release," the team said.

To celebrate the US completion, bing also flew a "Golden Spike" flight and mapped the biggest Bing logo (at over 200' by 90') created by a local Colorado chalk artist Jennifer Mosquera.

Bing Maps Logo captured during Golden Spike flight at the top of the parking garage just north of the Bing Maps Imagery Teams building in downtown Boulder, CO

Watch the two videos below of the Golden spike event:

Microsoft Bing Maps - Global Ortho Golden Spike - Logo Creation (5:41):

Bing Maps Global Ortho Golden Spike - Day of the Flight (3:48)

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