Global Geo Services Pays Out $90B, Employs More than 500,000 People, Says Google

Google study reveals "Global geo services industry is valued at up to $270 billion per year, pays out $90 billion in wages." In the U.S., it employs over 500k and is worth $73B. Google voice its support for highly-skilled immigration reform.

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Today, the most advanced digital mapping technologies dubbed Geo Services that include--satellite imagery, GPS devices, location data, Bing Maps and of course Google Maps--are no doubt improving our lives and helping businesses growing that creates jobs and economic growth globally.

To know the importance of the geo services industry, Google commissioned studies from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Oxera revealing that the "global geo services industry is valued at up to $270 billion per year and pays out $90 billion in wages."

"In the U.S., it employs more than 500,000 people and is worth $73 billion," a Google study reveals.

Google also published an infographic illustratingsome examples of the many benefits of maps:

Geo Services creates jobs and drives global economic growth: Infographic

In other news, Google says it supports high-skilled immigration reform acknowledging the contributions by highly skilled immigrants at Google said, "From developing products like Google News and Google Maps to managing our business and global marketing operations, talented foreign-born individuals have played and will continue to play a vital role at Google and throughout our economy," wrote Google's Laszlo Bock, svp, People Operations.

Adding, he said, "Immigrants have founded 40 percent of companies in the tech sector that were financed by venture capital and went on to become public in the U.S., among them Yahoo, eBay, Intel, and Google," Bock added.


Fruther he adds "Our immigration policies are stifling innovation and preventing tech companies from recruiting some of the world's brightest minds and has forced many foreign-born, U.S. educated entrepreneurs to look elsewhere to start their businesses."

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