Get Your YouTube Video Captions Professionally Translated into 36 Languages

Now you can connect to professional translation vendors and get YouTube video captions professionally translated into 36 languages.

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YouTube video which are accessible in more than 300 languages, can now be professionally translated into 36 languages, as Google now allows you to "connect directly with translation vendors and pay to get your captions translated quickly and professionally."

"When you request a translation for your captions in YouTube, we'll display a list of vendors along with their estimated pricing and delivery date so you can easily compare," Google wrote in a blog entry announcing the feature.

To get conncected with the vendors, users can just click "Start order" next to the vendor they'd like to use. "This will then create an order and direct you to the vendor's website to complete payment. When the translator completes the translation, they'll send the translated caption directly back to YouTube. Once you approve, the translated caption will now be available for all your viewers!," Google explains.

Google notes before translating a video, users first need to add a caption track by "creating or uploading a transcript of your video. YouTube will then automatically sync the transcript with the video and create the time codes to generate the caption track."

Google also said that YouTube Analytics can help show the top geographies viewing of your video to help choose the languages spoken in these countries.

YouTube video captions professionally translated into 36 languages

For more info, watch this video or take a look at this helpful guide.

Update 02/22: Google partners with Billboard and Nielsen to include the U.S. data of YouTube into their Billboard's Charts.

With this partnership, "all official videos on YouTube, including user-generated clips that utilize authorized audio, will now factor into how a song's popularity is determined and will be shown on the "Hot" charts--the Hot 100 List, Hot Country Songs, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, R&B Songs, Rap Songs, Hot Latin Songs, Hot Rock Songs and Dance/Electronic Songs," Google blogged.

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