Get Paid When you Share Feedback with Google Opinion Rewards on iOS

iOS user get the app now and start answering questions from companies to get paid, including Google. Google Play and Movies Anywhere bring your movies together on all devices.

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Now on iOS: Get paid to share your opinion

Customer is always right, to prove right this old saying—Google created a new iOS app called 'Google Opinion Rewards,' that pays people to give their opinions and answer questions from companies, big and small.

With Google Opinion Rewards, people are asked to take quick surveys that carries 10 or less questions — sometimes even just a single question. When there's a survey ready for you, a notification is sent to you, so you can answer when convenient. You can earn up to $1 via PayPal for each completed survey.

The sucrveys cover all kinds of topics, from TV shows to apps and more, and nearly all surveys take less than 30 seconds to complete. You can even skip any surveys you don't want to answer.

More than 10 million Android users have already downloaded the Google Opinion Rewards app, and we send out more than 3 million surveys every week.

Get the new iOS version of Google Opinion Rewards in the App Store now (U.S. only).

See this GIF animation of Google Opinion Rewards in action:

Google Opinion Rewards on iOS

In other news today, Google Play and Movies Anywhere bring you movies together from Play Store, Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu into a single library that can be access on any devices, regardless of where the purchase was originally made.

Movie Anywhere is currently available in the US, so you just need to connect your accounts using new Movies Anywhere app or on Movies Anywhere website, and all your purchased movies from Disney, Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal and Warner Bros will be become available to watch on Google Play.

Google Play and Movies Anywhere