Get DoubleClick Studio Certification; 2013 Google Policy Fellowship Opens!

New DoubleClick Studio Certification program helps developers and designers distinguishes them as highly skilled in creating innovative, high-performing rich media ads. Registration for the 2013 Google Policy Fellowship opens.

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DoubleClick Studio is a new certification program, for creative designers and developers to test their skills on the product and promote their expertise after successfully completing the tests.

"Once you complete this test, you can take one of our specialized product tests, which include the QA Certification, Masthead Badge Certification, HTML5 Badge Certification, and HTML5 QA Badge Certification," the DoubleClick team writes.

There are three types of certification:

  • "Core Studio Certification demonstrates a user's knowledge and ability to build high quality rich media ads within DoubleClick Studio.
  • QA Certification determine the quality assurance of a rich media ad built within DoubleClick Studio.
  • Badges Certification applies to a specific field in addition to Core Studio Certification."

To get certified, visit this certification landing page.

DoubleClick Studio Certification Program

In other news, Google also announced its 6th Google Policy Fellowship, launched today "with new opportunities to work with organizations from Africa, Europe and Latin America in addition to ones in U.S. and Canada."

Applications are open as on today Februray 19, and students of all levels and disciplines can apply before March 15, 2013 at

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