Full Value of Mobile Resources Helps to Estimate Mobiles' Value in Multi-screen World

To help marketers better understand mobile attribution, Google launching the Full Value of Mobile initiative, in AdWords for Google Mobile Ads. Streamlines AdWords rules for using trademark keywords.

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A new initiative dubbed "Full Value of Mobile," is now availble to all advertisers of Google Mobile to help marketers begin to account the new mobile paths to purchase in AdWords, like the recent addition of calls as conversions to AdWords reporting.

This helps in better understand mobile's impact online and offline.

Benefits of Full Value of Mobile initiative, includes:

  • A calculator tool
  • Videos that illustrate each mobile conversion path
  • Case studies highlighting successful mobile strategies
  • Tips for measurement

""Full Value of Mobile Calculator" provides simple equations and benchmarks to help estimate of the value that mobile drives to a business through calls, apps, in-store, mobile site and cross-device," Google explains.

In about 30 minutes, "you can follow the step-by-step wizard to upload data from AdWords and your mobile website, and make some key assumptions to create your Full Value of Mobile estimate."

"Through the exercise, you'll see the total value, value per click, and ROI that mobile is driving for your business across all mobile customer paths, not just your mobile website," Google adds.

With Full Value of Mobile Initiative, you'll also see how cost-effective your mobile CPAs are.

Google AdWords Full Value of Mobile Initiative

Update: In a AdWords trademark policy update, Google has now streamlined the rules on using third-party trademark keywords in campaigns.

"Starting on 23 April 2013, keywords that were restricted as a result of a trademark investigation will no longer be restricted in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Brazil," Google stated.

Adding, "While we will not prevent the use of trademarks as keywords in the affected regions, trademark owners will still be able to complain about the use of their trademark in ad text," Google said.

Does this mean that I can now use trademark terms as keywords?

Google is not in a position to make recommendations regarding the use of terms corresponding to trademarks. If you have further questions, we encourage you to contact your legal counsel and consult the AdWords Terms and Conditions.

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